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Superbrukerforum is a meeting place for super users. Team Kjøremijø hosts a 1,5h meeting approximately every 6th week where infrastructure topics are discussed.

Characteristics of a super user

  • A developer in a Origo team
  • Proactive and helpful
  • Uses time to help colleagues and likes to share knowledge
  • Is competent with Terraform, AWS and ECS (or would like to be it!)

What does a super user do?

  • Takes part in further development of Golden Path for infrastructure in Origo
  • Takes part in exchange of experiences and discovering and prioritizing user needs
  • Takes part in Superbrukerforum and hangs out with the team at the slack channel #origo-infrastruktur

How can I become a super user?

Just hop on to #origo-infrastruktur and tell the team that you want to tag along! Currently approximately one developer from each team is a super user.

I want to give feedback or have a cool idea for the next Superbrukerforum

Find Mira Sjølie on Slack and send her a message. All feedback is appreciated.