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The updating otter

Infrastructure stack updates are occasionally released together with guides that walk you through the process of applying them. Feel free to ask for assistance in #origo-kjøremiljø-support.

Date Guide
2024-03-07 Add tagging to IAM for continuous deployment
2024-01-08 RDS Certificate update
2023-09-01 Relocate GitHub Actions reusable workflows
2023-08-29 Copy RDS tags to snapshot
2023-08-18 Upgrade RDS Terraform provider from major version 7 to 8
2023-08-17 Auto-upgrade RDS minor version
2023-07-31 Use new file pattern for stacks
2023-06-07 Update ALB listener security policy
2023-05-11 Upgrade ECS cluster from major version 4 to 5
2023-02-07 Support for multiple ECR repositories with IAM for CI/CD
2023-02-07 Unwrap the RDS module
2023-01-24 Upgrade args_rds to v0.3.0
2022-11-07 Optimize account ID usage