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Create a PAT

This section shows you how to create a Personal Access Token (PAT) that allows you to:

  • Read and write files in your infrastructure repository.
  • Send a dispatch event to your infrastructure repository.

Step 1: Create a PAT

To create the PAT, go to the GitHub user and select Settings > Developer settings > Personal access tokens > Fine-grained tokens and enter the following values:

Token name

pirates-iac-cicd (replace pirates-iac with your own repository)


Today's date plus one year.


Used in GitHub Actions workflows to send dispatch events and update image tags in the infrastructure repository.

Resource owner


Repository access - only select repositories

pirates-iac (replace with your infrastructure repository)

Repository permissions

Contents > Read and write

Click Generate token.

Step 2: Save in 1Password

Add the token to your team's 1Password vault.

Why should I store the token in 1Password?

You will use this PAT as a secret in both the application and infrastructure repository. GitHub only displays the key once, so putting it in 1Password makes it more convenient to fetch later.