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Learn about technologies Origo uses

This section covers the knowledge you need to have or that Team Kjøremiljø suggest you know before starting out with Golden Path.

Amazon Web Services

If you don't know what AWS is or the concept of Cloud Computing in general, you should start by reading up on it. You can check out the two resources linked below or Google yourself to find more.

Description Link
Here Is Everything You Need To Know About AWS Cloud Computing Article
Getting started with AWS Article

The following AWS resources are used in Golden Path and the team suggest you get familiar with them.


Description Link
AWS Networking 101 Article
AWS VPC & Subnets For Beginners Video tutorial
The Basics of AWS VPC Article
Security Groups Article
AWS VPC Beginner to Pro Video tutorial


Description Link
What is Amazon Elastic Container Service? Article
What is AWS Fargate? Article
Amazon ECS task definitions Article
Deep Dive into AWS Fargate Video tutorial

IAM policies and roles

Description Link
What is IAM? Article
AWS IAM Core Concepts You NEED to Know Video tutorial


Terraform is the tool that is used to manage infrastructure. It is a tool for building, changing, and versioning

Description Link
What is Terraform in 100 seconds? Video tutorial
What is Terraform? Article

When you have mastered the basics the following resources will help you dive deeper into Terraform.

Description Link
Terraform: Beginner to Pro Video tutorial
Terraform best practices Article
Terraform style guide Article
Infrastructure as code Book
Infrastructure as Code, Patterns and Practices Book
Terraform: Up and running Book
Anton Babenko's Terraform Best Practises Website
Google's best practises for using Terraform Website


You will need to be comfortable using a terminal. If you are not, you should start by learning the basics of the terminal. You can check out the resources linked below or Google yourself to find more.

Description Link
Command Line Crash Course Video tutorial
The Linux command line for beginners Article