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Before you start

The Setup section will have all you need to set up your infrastructure.

We recommend starting by installing all the required tools, checking that you have access to an AWS account and that you have an AWS SSO profile.

AWS Usage in Origo

It is important that you have read and understood the RFC-0005 Bruk av AWS i Origo (AWS usage in Origo) document before you start setting up your infrastructure. This RFC describes the regulations for protecting user data to avoid the transfer of personal data to 3rd party countries in accordance with GDPR.

Thereafter we will guide you through building your infrastructure and application.

Some of the guides are outdated

The guides are outdated due to us moving from PoC to using micro stacks. The new documentation is not ready yet. The guides that will be phased out are marked with an warning box like this.

If you are setting up something new, please contact team Kjøremiljø first so we can do this together ❤ For more up to date information about how to set up your infrastructure you can take sneak peek at our reference app pirates-iac.