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Add a GitHub workflow

This section shows you how to set up a workflow that listens for the event you send from the application repository. When the workflow receives the event, it commits the new image tag to the infrastructure repository.

Step 1: Download the workflow

Navigate to the root of your infrastructure repository (pirates-iac) and run:

mkdir -p .github/workflows && cd .github/workflows
ok workflows

Choose receive_dispatch_event_and_commit_image_tag.yml.

Rename the downloaded file to include the application environment and application name:


For example:


Step 2: Customize the workflow variables

Open the file you just downloaded.

Update the repository_dispatch event to listen for the event that you're sending from the application repository:

-    types: [image-tag-update]
+    types: [pirates-dev-treasures_image-tag-update]

Update the env variables to match your setup. For production it's recommended to set CREATE_PR to true:

  IAC_ENVIRONMENT: pirates-dev
  APP_NAME: treasures
  CREATE_PR: 'true'

Double check that all paths and variables look correct.

Step 3: Try to run the workflow

Try to run the chain of workflows by building a new image. The receiving workflow will try to commit the changes, but it will fail because you've not configured a PAT and GPG key yet. The next section covers how to do this.