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The ok tool helps you:

  • Create a fresh Terraform environment (like prod or development) and configure it to use remote state storage.
  • Scaffold stacks based on an environment.


The environment is set up using an env.yml file, which includes configuration settings at a high level for the environment as well as specific AWS parameters.

Command Description
ok bootstrap Prepares the Terraform S3 backend for storing state.
ok scaffold Creates a new Terraform project with a and file based on values configured in env.yml.
ok envars Exports the values in env.yml as environment variables.
ok env Creates a new env.yml file with placeholder values.
ok get-template Downloads a template from the golden-path-iac repository.
ok update List all available remote versions of ok and provide a menu to select which version to use.
ok version Prints the version of the ok tool and the current latest version available.
ok forward Starts a port forwarding session to a database. See "Connect to a database from your computer".