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Architectural decision records (ADRs)

An ADR is a document that captures an important architectural decision made along with its context and consequences.

They key motivations for ADRs are

  • Historical context: It lets stakeholders understand why a decision was made. ADRs makes it easier to change a decision in the future, because we can see the rationale behind a decision.
  • Communication: Everyone understands why a decision was made.
  • Documentation: It enables the organization to reference a document rather than explaining a decision over and over again.

For more information, see:

Our architectural decision records

Date ADR
2023-10-03 Updating images in ECS tasks with Terraform
2023-09-29 Use of stacks for organizing infrastructure components
2023-09-22 Third-party community modules
2023-04-12 Security groups in separate stack
2023-04-12 Structuring multiple environments
2023-04-04 Dependency discovery